Frequently Asked Questions


I'm worried about leaving my child for the first time. Will they be ok?

Of course you are worried! We are here to help you and if you feel that you would like to stay for the first session you are more than welcome. Your child will be fine, they will more than likely cry but we promise that wont be for long!

I think my child has learning difficulties - can you help?

Absolutely! Our staff has a wide range of knowledge and experience of working with children and their families to meet the individual needs of all children. We have worked with many professionals to help us along the way from speech and language, portage and educational psychologist. Come and see us and we can put together a plan of action.

Do you do taster sessions?

We do, and we suggest that you stay for this session to help your child get to know us. You are offered one free taster session but we realise that some children may need to have more than one taster session or a staggered start to Pre-School.

My child is still in nappies is that ok?

Of course, we can help with potty training as and when your child is ready.

Do you have outdoor facilities?

We do. We have a decked area for free-flow play , a garden at the bottom of the car park and we are able to use all of the school facilities including orchard, pond and adventure playground.

Do you provide meals?

We provide snacks in the morning and afternoon sessions. We also provide breakfast and tea for those children who are in before 9am and after 3pm. Lunch needs to be provided by parents, however, a hot lunch can be provided if booked through the Primary School.